The young warriors have finally reached the secluded bunker in Roswell, NM. But not without a few hiccups and nearly disastrous fights along the way. They notice a force field similar to the one around the Wind River Ranges surrounding the bunker, as well as more packs of ginormous beasts surrounding it. Beasts that are laying down as though they are all in some sort of perpetual dream-like state.

The group slowly creeps along the edge of the force field. Simply trying their best not to wake the beasts until they reach the entrance. However, the moment Merlin comes into contact with the force field, a loud screeching sound resonates through the air. Effectively waking all of the voracious beasts in its wake. Beasts that proceed to quickly rise up and surround the group.

Yet, the prophetic Chosen make quick work of the beasts. For they have faced their likeness many times before and have since mastered their hi-tech weaponry. Or so they think...

Once the beasts are defeated, the group makes their way through the gates and into the mysterious bunker before them. Upon entering the bunker, the Mutineers are faced with an entirely different entity: motion sensitive sentinel droids. So—unbeknownst to the neophytes—as soon as they walk past the line of sentinels, they all slowly begin coming to life. Their eyes glowing a fiery, ruby red as they slowly, yet silently, begin following the group as they are investigating the premises.

Every room in the bunker is crawling with the drones, which have been programmed to eliminate any threats to the secret portal. After navigating through the labyrinth of a structure—unbeknownst of the guards that silently follow—the Mutineers finally come into the room with a large ornate archway similar to the one in the Stigmata's cavern. The room is filled with computers and various electronics of sorts. Screens are floating in midair while other devices are embedded into the walls. There are robotic humanoid's sitting at each computer. Along with a few that are laying out on the ground around them covered in decades-worth of dust. 

As the group makes their way to the archway, the seemingly dead humanoids begin glowing a nice, mellow blue as they begin magically coming to life. A blue that quickly transitions to a fierce, fiery ruby red upon the detection of the hostile entities. The humanoid's attention quickly turns to the young Mutineers, who quickly realize the dire situation as they turn around to see dozens of sentinel drones alongside all of the humanoids in the portal control room...

Will the Mutineers make it out in one piece and get through the portal to meet the Sagacians?

Or will they be bested by the dozens of mechanized guardians surrounding them in the control room?

Into the Void

Word COunt: TBD

  • Volume 6: Into the Void2:50