Judex Sapien lore speaks of a time when a species called Homo sapiens will rule over a planet they name Earth. Great nations of these humans reign supreme and utilize their planet in all the wrong ways. Stripping it of all of its valuable resources just to make a quick dollar. A malevolent minority forcing a majority of their own kind to toil and suffer at their behest in order to make it so. Only for them to perpetuate ignorance and impede their species’ progression as a whole.

As said humans advance and their economies begin to bustle and boom, technology begins to advance well beyond any of their wildest dreams. Life is almost a bore as their most common everyday tasks become obsolete. But as it is with most innovation, there comes to be an equal–if not worse–drawback. This is due to such advancements eventually leading to deep-seated corruption. An evil that slowly begins to thoughtfully sow its roots into the minds of the richest and most powerful beings in the land.

While the technology is rapidly advancing, the unrest between the upper and lower classes is as well. You see, the ritzy upper class live in luxury with every gadget and gizmo their seemingly endless supply of money can buy. This effectively makes their lives all the more fulfilling and desirable to those with nothing.

It is not their fault, however. At least not ALL their fault. For it is only because their lower-class counterparts have their once lucrative jobs stripped from them by the newfound technologies. Causing the collapse of the entire working class that once supported their ruling and for some reason, superior, counterparts. Forcing the poor wage slaves to become obsolete and consequently no longer needed by the elitist society.

Only a short period of time after being stripped of their valueless fiat currencies, the lower class is simply unable to get by. Especially not as fluid as their affluent peers, for they live in far less favorable conditions with very little to show for their work. Due primarily to them having to pawn everything they have ever owned just to get by. In essence, both classes are being pinned against one another as to usher in as much unrest and instability as possible. Just as the legends envisaged over three Universe Cycles ago…

The upper class consists of the inheritors, elitists, corporatists, and their puppet politicians. Now you must take into consideration that the politicians by this time have effectively destroyed the Peoples' economic freedoms by continuing their trend of crooked backdoor deals with the upper class. By doing so, they effectively turn the only somewhat free country in the world, the United States of America, into a kleptocracy.

However, the representatives are easily able to disguise the kleptocracy as a democracy with the help of their corporate-sponsored media outlets. Outlets they manipulate to fool the masses into believing they are still free. Selling out their journalistic integrity just to make a meager living. Writing articles that are designed and edited by their masters to ensure that the most chaos possible will erupt from their fabricated stories.

Yet, as their freedoms are stripped away by the upper class and their money is repeatedly plundered by their elected officials, the knowledgeable citizens that do not buy into the media's bullshit really have nowhere to turn. Because through countless years of the media's unabated division of the country, people are worse off now more than ever. Everyone hates everything. Especially when such ignorance runs rampant among the majority of humanity.

Humans whose minds can be swayed by a shoddily wrote propaganda news article. Whose actions can be manipulated and even exacerbated by paid actors. Such ignorance runs rampant alright. For the others, it is like a tragic play unfolding before their eyes. One in which nothing but reality could ever cure.

Reality strikes the masses of ignorant citizens when their officials’ vile practices inevitably lead to the collapse of the entire working class. But by the time they come to realize the truths of their world, it is far too late not to take drastic measures. Because even in the wake of such disastrous events, an even greater disaster slowly begins coming to fruition behind the scenes. A disaster that has no possible ending besides massive death and destruction.

From the decades of ignorance by the masses, who continually elect those who have inherited their wealth from their forefathers every election cycle, only the richest offspring of the richest men now run the country. It goes without saying, barely any of the elected representatives have ever really worked a day in their life. For their entire opulent lives have been filled with naught but undeserved self-entitlement. Since birth, they have been fed life on a silver platter with choices no harder than what stock they should gamble on next. Basically, the heart contained within their chest is much colder than the ice that fills the glasses of bourbon they sip ever so eloquently.

You should all know that when the corrupted rich folk are peering out from their large glass-encased balconies, they are only doing so to disparage a world that seemingly belongs to, as well as revolves around them. None of them have ever really come to realize the true beauty of the world itself, for they are all too busy living inside of the demented narcissistic fantasies repeatedly playing inside of their feeble and reclusive minds. Fantasies of the world burning at their behest. Seeing as how such mindsets only spell out trouble for the hard-working men and women that keep the Central Banking System's bubble economy afloat, it is only a matter of time before things take a turn for the worse...

What exactly causes such a bad turn, you ask? Well that would just so happen to be politics, of course! You see, the money fueling politics has become so egregious and uncontrollable by the year 2044 CE that a non-natural born citizen is able to rise up through the ranks of one of the largest nations in the world. An evil human that is secretly funded by the corrupt elitists. Chanting his siren’s song to the public, who foolishly eat it up like candy.

Let us just say that such ignorance and blind devotion leads to the beginning of the end for all of mankind.

Without any sort of limits to their terms, the elected corrupt men make a career out of fucking their American constituency. Doing so by infiltrating their educational institutions and manipulating the materials which are mandatory for graduation. Expunging any sort of material that shines a bad light on the corrupt or actually gets the public questioning "Why?". With control of the Education Systems, they are able to gut the funding of the schools that actually need it and create millions of ghettos throughout the country. Ghettos that are filled with ignorant humans working two to three jobs that (apparently) pay unlivable wages. Supplementing any wants by taking on other side work to sustain. Doing anything they possibly can to get the valueless paper currency they so desperately require for their basic survival.

These people ignorantly follow such ways of life because it is the disgusting system the world governments (the affluent) have put in place to keep our species under their control. Instead of looking to expand our civilization into the cosmos, they seek to detain us here on their own personal prison planet. One in which the citizens are so brainwashed that they willfully take the poisons prescribed to them by their pharmaceutically sponsored doctors. All of whom go to institutions with syllabi tailored primarily to those that donate the most money. Ensuring their latest patented drugs are the ones being prescribed. As to maintain their control over the global markets. That is not even getting into the poisons sprayed on the citizens’ foodstuffs and the chemicals intentionally put in their water supply. Done with the sole intention of making them ever more docile.

But the People fail to realize that in the course of human history many civilizations have grown too big and ended up collapsing in on themselves. Such is the case in the present day. The system will eventually fail. Whether it is intentional or not, our present society will inevitably collapse. Hopefully sooner rather than later--for the Planet's sake. The ignorant populous just does not seem to care in the slightest about the long-term fate of the complex ecosystems in which they inhabit. Perhaps it is because they are stuck in a world in which the only way to become affluent is through immoral practices. Ones that do far more harm than good to our Planet. Let alone our species’ evolution as a whole.

The downtrodden lower-class citizens are ignorant to the most basic principles of freedom and planetary preservation. Let alone any complex understanding of the United States’ constitution. As in: For the People, By the People. They become so overwhelmed by their need to make the valueless currency for their basic survival that they apparently lose track of such principles. Driving our species into an endless cycle of regression at the elitists’ behest. Forever hindering our advancement.

Let us dive deeper into these lower-class citizens, the People, who are comprised of every race and creed. All in all, they struggle on a daily basis just to survive—let alone thrive like their rich overlords. A great deal of the population cannot even afford the clothes on their backs. Much less the other basic necessities they require for survival; such as food and shelter. They have had to pawn everything they have ever owned just to make it this far. So it should come as no surprise.

What makes matters even worse is the fact that the entire lower class is now segregated from the opulent upper class. The poor that are no longer able to pay back their loans to the crooked banking institutions are forced to live in debtors’ prisons. Prisons that just so happen to be located on the lands that have been pillaged and withered from years of corporate neglect.

There is really nothing else to blame but crony politics. Well, politics along with the mass ignorance of their constituents. Such atrocities are a collaborative effort by the Reptilian overlords. For as the Sagacians help the humans advance further by aiding only a few well-funded military scientists (just as it has been foretold in the Judex Sapiens’ lore), the Malentians are driving the rest of humanity to their demise.

You see, the Malentians corrupted mankind long ago. They implanted their evil into the first hominins and have been watching it evolve throughout the millennia. Its malevolence maturing throughout humanity's existence. Maturing to a point that forces the corrupted politicians to end all of the environmental regulations at the corporations’ beckon call.

But still, the Malentians know there is still more maturation to go. A fact that forces them to wait as their evil slowly blossoms and transforms into its final stage. Such a stage being one in which the evil’s host becomes completely apathetic and utter annihilation on a global scale is the only thing on the forefront of their mind.

Such cycles essentially mimic that of a plant. First the Malentians plant their seed in the host, which contains all of the nutrients and other basic necessities the seed needs to grow and thrive. Then they simply wait for it to fully mature and flourish before reaping the fruits of their labor. Fruits of naught but death and destruction on a global scale. 

Things get so bad that the politicians give free reign to the corporations. They are able to do whatever they please without regulation—all in the name of profit. With them repealing all of the environmental regulations, the lands slowly begin transforming into infertile wastelands. Lands the likes of which cockroaches would not even want to inhabit. Such being a fact that clearly shows shortly after the masses are forced to move to said wastelands. Because people begin starving to death in the streets due to a lack of such protein-packed morsels. That is not saying the disgusting winged bugs would save them, either. They would (at the very least) be something to provide them with nourishment.

In over just a year’s time, the debtors’ prisons’ resemblance to death camps becomes apparent. With indestructible robot thugs (composed of composite metal foams) policing the debt prisoners, there is no way out but death. It is truly a sick and horrifying sight to even imagine. For the plausibility is just downright astounding.

By this time though, the atrocities the rich have been maliciously waging on the People throughout the years has created a mass of tension between the two halves. A mass that becomes like that of a rubber band. Expanding further and further until its molecules break at their weakest point and ultimately force its opposing ends to become radicals.

Tension quickly builds to a point that transcends above anything ever witnessed in recorded human history. With the volatility of nitroglycerin, it is just waiting for that sudden upset to arbitrarily go off. An upset that will inevitably lead the world into a state of total entropy.

But even so, the citizens are quite aware that they are partially to blame for such atrocities. However, they know for a fact that the bulk of the blame lies solely on their elected politicians. All of whom have sold their species down the river time and time again for their own selfish benefit. Clearly against the goodwill of their fellow sovereign humans. You know, the ones they were elected by. The humans the corrupt swine swore to represent as being EQUAL to them.

The politicians’ corrupt deals eventually lead to the complete dismantling of corporate humanity, and in turn, the ruination of mankind. The masses know this fact. They are just simply waiting for an opportune moment to take the power back.

If such a moment ever willfully presents itself, the masses will gain the power to have a nation For the People, By the People once more. At least in a perfect world that would be the case. Because all it takes is one massive uprising to trigger an upheaval in one of the largest, most powerful nations in the world to set off a powder keg of chaos and death that quickly expands to the farthest stretches of our Mother Earth.

One must digress though, for those times have long since passed. The dominant reign of mankind has long since ended. Now the lands are overgrown with mutantly large foliage, which has visibly erased (almost) all traces of mankind from the face of the Earth. Doing so in a new era that has been deemed the moniker, Basilizoic era. Derived from the Greek words basileia ‘kingdom’ and zoe ‘life’, Basilizoic is the perfect name for such an era in Earth’s history. For it truly is a life kingdom; it being an era void of mass human destruction and all.

The skyscrapers that once towered over the massive cities during the Cenozoic era collapsed long ago and have since become shelters for the beasts that remain. Buildings that are still standing are engulfed with ravenous multicolored vines that seemingly absorb the organic materials from them. Slowly dissolving the structures over time. In turn, the vines have gradually restored the planet to its former natural beauty.

Over time, the strange vines that now cover the land have revitalized the soils and erased thousands of years of man’s ruination. It is as though they are restoring the world back to the way it was originally meant to be. It is also–in essence–just helping Mother Nature expedite the process of getting back what has always rightfully been hers: Lands free of destruction.

Speaking of land, let us now move on to the former lands of the United States. Lands that were once dominated by the vilest corporate-sponsored leaders. The land that was once barren wasteland wrought with sewage and barren soil is now a fertile garden. A garden being reigned over by large voracious beasts. Just as it was for hundreds of millions of years when the dinosaurs reigned supreme.

It truly is a wonderful time of healing and rejuvenation for the Earth. Ridding itself of a cancer that continuously threatened its very existence in this bizarre and ever-changing Universe is definitely a huge plus. However, that is not saying that the Earth is still in the clear. For there is still a speck of cancerous cells left on the Earth’s surface slowly coming out of remission and scavenging the lands once more. Essentially leaving a little glimmer of hope for humanity.

Humans that fled to a particular range of mountains before the war survive the fallout that ends humanity’s reign and are actually flourishing in the post-apocalyptic lands. But this is only due to the mysterious force-field that is being projected by an ancient alien artifact afforded to our Planet by the Sagacians. Now the artifact itself turns out to have had a much different purpose than the one it has actually served. A fact that comes into play much later on, so one must digress.

You see, only a select few people knew of the force-field’s existence before the war. Those few being the Elders, who just so happen to be the ones that ultimately end up saving humanity from extinction. Doing so by properly utilizing the Sagacians' guidance.

Actually, the Elders are able to stave off the Malentians’ devious plans of complete world annihilation for a good while. Equipped with the knowledge of a secret bunker hidden deep within the mountain ranges, the Elders vet the other survivors for years. They even go as far as building a dummy civilization miles away from the bunker just to see how the survivors all coexist.

In said environment, the Elders are able to mentally recruit their members throughout the years one-by-one. Knowing the Malentians will eventually get their slimy hands on someone in the human-run settlement, the Elders must weed out the corrupt minds and leave them to continue their sustained entropy. Lest they fail in their quest to begin a perfect society in their hi-tech fortress inside of Mount Chauvenet.

Sure enough, just as the Sagacians had foretold, an evil oligarchy begins to form within their test settlement (the Top Three being the few ruling the many.) Doing so only after the Elders suddenly disappear out of the blue to avoid their own demise. Upon the eve of their sudden absence, the corrupt quickly take over and waste no time devolving civilization back to the way it was before the war.

To make matters worse, the Top Three eventually accuse their very own saviors (the Elders) of treason and sentence them to the worst punishment imaginable: death. However, the Elders are much smarter than the corrupt leaders of the new world. They knew well in advance of their cruel intentions. So instead of accepting their punishment, the Elders hatch up a brilliant escape plan.

Once they get out of certain death, the Elders make their way back to their top-secret bunker. After finally being able to settle down after five years of torment, the exiled saviors do anything but. Instead, they begin going back to their test settlement and collect the members they had mentally selected over the years. It is not a hard feat to accomplish either, for most of the people in the oppressive settlement fear for their lives and follow anything the oligarchs demand. Because they all know they are dead meat otherwise.

It becomes clear upon the Elders’ return that the vile Top Three have created a fright that resides deep in the hearts and minds of the innocent. So once the supposed dead Elders return with promises of a better life, the people defy their malicious leaders. They willfully follow the Elders’ words and flee deep into the mountain ranges with their saviors once more.

Over time these defectors come to be known as Mutineers. Each of which has a bounty on their head and is to be killed on sight by any Orderman lucky enough to get a hold of them…

Word count = 35,321

  • Volume 1: Prequel21:28