Interminable Journey

Word Count: TBD

  • Volume 5: Interminable Journey1:52

The Mutineers are through the force field and are in shock as to how much of a difference there is between what they are used to seeing compared to what the real world actually looks like. The first thing they notice is that the sky is missing the multicolored hue they have become so accustomed to. Instead, the sky is a radiant blue with dense, fluffy white clouds strewn throughout. Giving the Mutineers a whole new perspective of their Mother Earth.

All of the cities they pass are overgrown with vegetation and the Mutineers can clearly see large birds on the horizon as they make their way down south on the seven-hundred-mile journey to Roswell, New Mexico.

Yet, the Sagacians assure them time and time again that the portal in New Mexico can and will take them to their dimension. However, it is located at a secluded, well-protected bunker in Roswell. They have also assured them that in their dimension there are beings similar to the Sagacians (Judex Sapiens) that can help restore the Earth to its former glory, and erase all of the man-made devastation wrought upon the Earth.

Now the first part of their journey goes on without a hitch. That is, until Roland's jetpack malfunctions and they get separated around Fletcher's Peak near the border of Colorado.

Once Roland hits the ground, he is immediately aware of the danger they are all in if they have to walk the rest of the way. For upon his initial inspection, Roland spots a pack of gigantic wolves tearing apart a hideous looking moose in the distance atop one of the distant cliffs.

Well, one thing leads to another, and the group is stuck making the never-ending journey down to Roswell on foot.

They have to utilize everything they were supplied with to survive. Yes, both weaponry skills and general survival know-how are entirely necessary if the Mutineers want to survive their Interminable Journey...