Have you ever felt as though your elected officials are from another planet? Do you ever wonder as to whether or not they are being manipulated by more powerful and influential beings? Well, of course they are. They are merely puppets in the grand scheme of things.

But what about the elected officials’ puppet masters? Those who have more money than they know what to do with. The beings who have no conscience for the destruction they choose to perpetuate. Slaughtering millions of their own kind just to turn a profit. A secret society that could abolish all of the suffering in the world and propel their species to new heights. If only they were not so apathetic toward their fellow humans’ plights that they themselves have constructed over the years.

What if these corrupt beings were to simply distribute a tiny fraction of the Earth’s resources that they have been stealing through means of extortion and war; all while greedily hoarding them away and using valueless fiat currencies to manipulate humanity as they see fit? Could humans already be colonizing other planets? Would they be utilizing the full potential of their minds as well as their own planet? Perhaps, but only if a select few families did not stagnate their entire species’ evolution over the past several millennia by retarding it with their petty greed.

It is hard to believe that any animal, human or not, could ever stoop so low. At least not unless they are being influenced by some sort of higher power. Could it be aliens orchestrating a vile plot? That is far too vague, of course. Maybe you are thinking more along the lines of Reptilians? Well, if so, you hit the nail on the head.

What if you were told that there are, in fact, highly-advanced synthetic Reptilians living amongst you in the world today? You just never see them because they have the ability to blend in seamlessly with their environments by embodying other beings. As well as traveling in other dimensions and manipulating space-time as they see fit. Evolving such skills over the innumerable years they have existed. Skills that not only defy physics, but human nature as well.

Such as the Reptilians’ ability to take control of any mind they choose. Tactics they have been utilizing for centuries to get humans to annihilate themselves. Just so they do not have to. But in order to get into why they would go to such extremes, one must explain exactly what caused such events to transpire.

Believe it or not, we are currently in the fourth Universe Cycle. Now each cycle lasts a little over a googolplex before everything starts anew. At the end of each cycle, the entropy in the Universe’s system reaches its limit and all of the heat begins to dissipate. This Heat Death continues until an equilibrium is reached. A time in which a Big Crunch occurs and sucks all of the matter back up into a singular point. Acting as a massive Black Hole that does naught but explode once all matter is absorbed. An event that is more commonly known as a Big Bang.

Seeing as how the planet Earth is only a little over four and half billion years old, and the Solar System it is contained in is five billion years old, it should go without saying that an intelligence far beyond human comprehension has already evolved in a previous cycle. Mastering their intelligence and expansive knowledge over time by forming new worlds and systems of their own. Perhaps even tinkering with Earth’s Solar System in the process.

By conquering the Universe in which they themselves are imprisoned, the ethereal beings avoid the inevitable death that will transpire otherwise. Essentially becoming Gods in their own sense. Just as any sane or rational being would seek to do in such cases.

During each cycle many intelligent lifeforms evolve throughout the cosmos and perish with little effect on one another. Either through unforeseen apocalyptic events brought forth from the heavens, or by their own self-destructive ways. The latter of which is a guaranteed outcome if greed rears its ugly head from the depths of the sentient species’ logic. Especially if such transgressions become dominant and proceed unchecked over time.

There are exceptions to these negative fates, however. Such as when certain species evolve in the perfect environment with the perfect stimuli. For they have the opportunity to advance well beyond the rest. This just so happens to be the case after the first two cycles.

Yet, only one species manages to survive each cycle. Each one outliving the many various apocalyptic scenarios over the course of their histories and reaching a civilization point passed Type II on the Kardashev Scale. Those two species being, in chronological order, the Judex Sapiens and the Sagacians. Both of whom are still around to this day, but that is another story entirely. Because at some point during the formation of the third Universe Cycle, the duo manages to find one another. Doing so by utilizing the unfathomable resources and tools they have acquired over their extensive pasts.

Once they begin contacting one another, the Judex Sapiens and the Sagacians form an alliance of sorts. They then begin monitoring the Universe to search for any sort of new intelligent lifeforms. Tinkering with their technology as they wait over the expansive time span. Striving toward becoming Type Omega-minus in Microdimensional Mastery and gaining the ability to manipulate the Universe to their own accord. Making it so they do not have to go to great lengths to avoid the next Big Crunch as they have in the past.

Now you must take into consideration that it takes many billennia for star systems to form and die at the beginning of each cycle. A process necessary for the creation of the many heavier elements necessary for life. Meaning only second or third generation star systems have the capacities to allow such miraculous feats. Even so, it still takes hundreds of millions of years after the initial gravitational collapse of its molecular cloud for a planetary system to form. As well as for the planets in said system to become even remotely habitable. So, they wait a long time after the beginning of the third cycle for anything to really start happening.

Billions of years pass before any sort of life begins to form in the primordial Universe during their exploration phase. Roughly seven billion years to be exact. Because that just so happens to be the length of time it takes for them to get their first trace of sentient lifeforms. Well, sentient lifeforms that they are actually able to work with and guide toward enlightenment at least.

After finding their first sentient species on a planet orbiting a second-generation binary star system in the Metroprotos Galaxy, the alien cohorts help them become the apex predators of their world. Simply acting as Gods to the inferior creatures they selflessly lend their guidance to. However, as more and more intelligent beings begin to present themselves throughout the ever-expanding Universe, the original two species become overwhelmed.

Instead of spreading themselves so thin by helping the dozens of species throughout the cosmos, the God-like coalition begins only choosing those with the potential to reach enlightenment and survive past their host star’s death. Only presenting themselves when absolutely necessary. Either to guide their selections toward complete enlightenment, or to prevent them from offing themselves too soon. Sometimes even aiding in the extinction of some of the eviler and less trustworthy ones. Saving the Universe and all of its occupants from ever experiencing such primitive barbarism.

But still, even doing so little presents its own challenges. Because by the end of the third googolplex, there are already dozens of advanced species throughout the Universe. All of which have–nearly–the same potential as the initial two.

Now the alien duo knows that there is no way they will be able to protect all of the species as they travel through other dimensions during the next Universe’s rebirth. Meaning they are forced to do what any sensible and omniscient being would do. As in forcing the surviving worlds to compete for a chance to obtain their most powerful tool. A tool that will allow them to traverse through other dimensions and halt or speed up time in an instant. Giving them the ability to outlive the violent finality that will inevitably transpire at the end of the cycle.

You must take into consideration that such a tool has been a collaborative effort between both species. It has taken them nearly all three googolplexes to complete. Therefore, they cannot let everyone use it, can they? Well, of course not. They let it be known, too. Because toward the end of the third cycle, the Gods completely abandon all of the worlds they had once chosen to protect.

The Gods simply skip forward through time to let the weak weed themselves out. Giving themselves enough time to return before staging one final challenge just before the Universe’s end. A showdown that just so happens to end up being an end-all, winner-takes-all event that defies anything ever done prior. That being nothing, but still. It is a competition that pins worlds against worlds. Allies against allies. Foes versus foes. No one is exempt.

Only one species can survive per cycle. It is the only way to maintain balance in a Universe with only a finite (albeit expansive) amount of materials to sustain life. At least to the original two species it is. A duo who eventually get their way when there is only one world left standing at the end of the third cycle.

Unbeknownst to the alien cohorts that staged the event, the victorious species of their first round, the Malentians of planet Ferrugia, feigns loyalty to the corrupt Gods. For you see, the Malentians are forced to annihilate several of their allies in order to survive. Doing so with vengeance implanted in the deep recesses of their minds.

Such vengeance is the main driving force behind the Malentians’ ever-growing need to rebel and change the current status quo. For their Gods’ acts (in their minds) merit such a grudge be held against them. Especially if they are going to continue perpetuating such evil for googolplexes to come.

However, all of that is in the past. We are now well into the fourth cycle. Now, the Malentians are wreaking havoc on the Gods. Because after conquering the trials and obtaining access to their fabled tool, the Malentians merely play along with their God-like cohorts. Doing so by simply acting as a wolf in sheep’s clothing during their break-in period. That is until they catch wind of the Judex Sapiens speaking to one another of sentient life orbiting a third-generation star in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Upon getting more details into the civilization’s whereabouts, the Malentians get to work. Except instead of helping said lifeforms advance, they begin driving them toward their unsightly demise. But only after the they steal the Gods’ fabled Judex Sphera and use it against them. Doing so by breaking their sworn bond of trust and sending the entire colony of Judex Sapiens away to a distant galaxy with their own technology.

Such technology gives them the power to control anything and everything in the Universe they see fit, which the Malentians plan to use to destroy everything the other Gods have created thus far. Only to build their own Universe. An entire Universe in their likeness. But first they have to eliminate the other two species. 

Many thoughts come to mind as to how one could decimate an entire species while using a tool with immense power. Except why would the Malentians, who had to kill nearly all of their allies just to still be alive today, want to end their alien predecessors’ lives fast and painless? Of course, they have every intention of making it as painful and drawn out as possible.

A fact that becomes clear when the Malentians set their devious plans into motion and send the Judex Sapiens away to a second-generation star system in the Triangulum Galaxy. Sending them to live on a planet whose environment is rugged to say the very least. With its thick atmosphere consisting of massive amounts of charged particles, there is no possible way for them to ever escape or communicate with any outside sources; at least not with the resources the planet provides.

Ultimately the Judex Sapiens are stuck in a barely-habitable environment with very little resources to work with. Even though they have evolved to be able to survive in just about any environment throughout their existence, each passing day is a death sentence to the Judex Sapiens on planet Monos. At least if they do not keep constantly moving. As to avoid the rapid temperature changes and other hostile forces present on the planet’s surface.

Although, one day on the Judex Sapiens’ prison planet is the equivalent of twenty years on their home planet that is currently stationed in the Milky Way Galaxy. Meaning the Sagacians still have time to save them. Yes, the Sagacians still remain. They saw what was coming and used their latest prototype, the Dominus Sphera, to escape the clutches of the Malentians. Even to this day, they still somehow manage to always stay five steps ahead of their pursuers.

Yet, both species must remain hidden. They must be as inconspicuous as possible; lest they be caught in the act. Hell, they even coexist with one another in plain sight with only the Sagacians knowing of the Malentians’ presence. You see, the Sagacians must take their time and enlist the help of another apex species if they are going to take on their pursuers. They have to be patient and wait for the ancient legends to come to fruition.

Seeing as how such lore has been prophesied by several of the wisest Judex Sapiens throughout their innumerable years in existence, it is only a matter of time. Because the legends are destined to transpire in the coming years. Coming to fruition at the end of the Holocene Epoch on a little blue sphere we like to call Earth…

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